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    University-Oriented ‘City’ Planned for Bishop Ranch

    By El Gaucho, October 21, 1960

    For the past year and a half, William L. Pereira and Associates have been working out the master plan for converting the Bishop Ranch property into a “city” with a population of about 16,000.

    This area consists of some 4,100 acres one mile west of the campus, extending from the Santa Inez Mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

    Model City

    This university-oriented “city” will contain such things as a town center, restaurant, offices, commercial shops, civic buildings, apartments, residential sites, a recreational area, golf courses, a hotel with recreational facilities and a research and developmental park.

    In the center of the 85-acre town center will be a large central plaza, surrounded by restaurants, shops and various offices. There will also be apartments and church sites in the area.

    Student Rec. Area

    Of interest to students is the proposed recreation area. This will include a bowling alley, theater, skating rink, restaurants and bookstore. Mr. Peter Bakewell, representative for the Bishop property, pointed out that, should the need arise, other facilities could conceivably be added, as this area is oriented toward UCSB students.

    Besides the recreation area there will be two golf courses, one near the town center and the other above the highway in the residential area.

    Population Increase

    According to figures prepared by the University, there are about three residents drawn to Santa Barbara per student. This includes faculty, staff, professional and service personnel, and their families.

    Student Housing

    Consequently, with 15,000 students, a restaurant population of 50,000 would evolve. It is felt that many of these residents would live in the new area. Thus numerous residential sites of one-half to five acres have been planned.

    As far as student housing is concerned, there will be numerous apartments, all landscaped and facing a plaza or mall. These will mainly be situated around the town center, up to Hollister Ave.

    Research Park

    Of importance to the University and development park search and development park of 225 acres. This will provide outside job opportunities for graduate students and faculty. Also, it could conceivably mean some income to the University through testing and experimentation.

    This park will be located between Hollister Ave. and the railroad, across from General Motors, and will be devoted to various research concerns and industries.

    Also included in the plans is a 200-acre reserve to be used for institutions or some as yet unforeseen developments.

    Minimize Auto

    The entire project has been designed to minimize the need for an automobile and to facilitate movement between the home, rec. area, shopping center and University. Throughout the development will be parkways, riding and hiking paths, and greenbelts.

    University Benefit

    It is hoped that such a project will be carried out with the care and attention necessary. Furthermore, many students would appreciate well-constructed and planned apartments, unlike so many of those in the Isla Vista area. Such a gigantic undertaking could be a great benefit to the population of the University, and it is sincerely hoped that it will prove to be this.

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