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    Student Mathletes Went Head-to-Head in the 38th Annual Math Superbowl Competition

    More than 350 of the top 4th-6th grade math students from the south coast participated in the annual arithmetic showdown

    Pencils flurried, and minds whizzed as students participated in the 38th annual Math Superbowl competition on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at the Earl Warren Showgrounds. More than 350 4th-6th grade students from 32 public and private schools throughout southern Santa Barbara County competed.

    Participants were teams of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders representing the brightest young mathematicians. Mountain View School took first place, Peabody Charter School second place, and Montecito Union School third place in the combined overall school category. Top awards were also earned on an individual basis, and by grade level.

    The competition is sponsored by Cold Spring School, Montecito Union School, Peabody Charter School, and the Santa Barbara County Education Office.  

    Students were put to the test this year by three pencil and paper assessments: two taken individually and one as a team with their classmates. Questions involved a variety of concepts and rich problem-solving tasks. 

    The competition ended with a thrilling, hands-on engineering challenge in which each team attempted to build the highest structure with just paper, popsicle sticks, and tape.

    Jeff Linder, Math Specialist at Montecito Union School and Math Superbowl organizer said: “It was great to see the excitement from all the students and families. I love to see the energy and enthusiasm for math! This is the first time we’ve been able to host the competition inside since COVID. The huge open space of the Exhibit Hall worked really well for the event.”

    Ellen Barger, Associate Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for the Santa Barbara County Education Office, was on hand to announce winners and congratulate the students. “The energy and excitement for mathematics filled the entire hall. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated teachers, coaches, and administrators who foster students’ love of mathematics and problem-solving.”

    Congratulations to all of the participants! See the complete list of winners below.

    Overall school winners

    • 1st: Mountain View School

    • 2nd: Peabody Charter School

    • 3rd: Montecito Union School

    • 4th: Cold Spring School

    • 5th: Washington Elementary

    • 6th: Kellogg Elementary

    Peabody Charter School took home 2nd Place overall. (SBCEO photo)
    Montecito Union School took home 3rd Place overall. (SBCEO photo)

    Overall individual winners by grade-level

    4th grade

    • 1st: Hannah Nizet, Roosevelt Elementary

    • 2nd: Harrison Barlow, Cold Spring School

    • 3rd: Wyatt Carlson, Cold Spring School

    • 4th: Nick Brakka, Mountain View School

    • 5th: Miles Yan, Foothill Family School; Miguel Sherman, Washington Elementary

    • 6th: Baron Smith, Mountain View School

    5th grade

    • 1st: Caleb Fante, Mountain View School; Alex Yang, Peabody Charter School;  Sia McAvoy, Peabody Charter School

    • 2nd: Sebastian Husein, Peabody Charter School

    • 3rd: Cody Walker, Washington Elementary

    • 4th: Beck Bergakker, Cold Spring School

    • 5th: Scofield McLean, Montecito Union School

    • 6th: Theo Carmichal-Watanabe, Crane Country Day School; Maya Goyal, Montessori Center School; Bryant Zhang, Mountain View School

    6th grade

     1st: Sieun Yoo, Isla Vista Elementary

    • 2nd: Ava Zhang, Mountain View School; Jacob Ludkovski, The Knox School of Santa Barbara

    • 3rd: Ritvik Wagner, Mountain View School

    • 4th: Elisha Wu, Kellogg Elementary

    • 5th: Atticus Gonzalez, Isla Vista Elementary; Tsedenia Efrem, Monte Vista School; James Hogg, Peabody Charter School; Shayan Sen-Mostofi, The Knox School of Santa Barbara

    • 6th: Brandon Stein, Montecito Union School

    School winners by grade-level

    4th grade

    • 1st: Mountain View School

    • 2nd: Washington Elementary

    • 3rd: Cold Spring School

    • 4th: Montecito Union School

    • 5th: Roosevelt Elementary

    • 6th: Peabody Charter School

    5th grade

     1st: Peabody Charter School

    • 2nd: Mountain View School

    • 3rd: Crane Country Day School

    • 4th: Montecito Union School

    • 5th: Cold Spring School

    • 6th: Brandon Elementary

    6th grade

     1st: Montecito Union School

    • 2nd: Mountain View School

    • 3rd: Isla Vista Elementary

    • 4th: Cold Spring School

    • 5th: Kellogg Elementary

    • 6th: Washington Elementary



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