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    SBUSD and SBTA Reach Tentative Agreements on Health & Welfare Benefits, Class Size

    District-Paid 75% Of Medical Premiums Under Any Plan
    Reduced Class Sizes Placed Permanently In Contract

    December 12 SBTA Salary Proposal:
    15% Increase for 2024-2025 and 8% Increase for 2025-2026

    District Presents Financial Information Showing Impact of SBTA Proposal

    December 12 SBUSD Salary Counterproposal:
    9% Increase for 2024-2025
    4% Increase for 2025-2026
    Increase Beginning Salary Step by approximately 4%
    Add new Step 20 at 4% Increase

    This is Santa Barbara Unified School District’s (SBUSD) third Negotiations Update for 2024-2025 successor contract negotiations between the District and the Santa Barbara Teachers Association (SBTA). The District will distribute the Negotiations Update after meetings with SBTA to inform our community on the progress of negotiations.

    The parties met for their third negotiations session on December 12, 2023, a summary of which is below.

    SBUSD and SBTA Reach Agreements On Health & Welfare Benefits And Class Size
    After only three bargaining sessions, SBTA accepted the District’s’ 11/15/2023 Health and Welfare Benefits proposal and the District’s 11/28/2023 counterproposal on Class Size. The parties signed tentative agreements (TAs) on these two major subjects of negotiations, which provide:

    Health and Welfare Benefits – District to Pay 75% of Medical Benefits:
    Currently the District covers 40% to 60% of medical benefits premium costs, depending on the plan chosen by employees. Under the current contract, the District would cover up to 1% in premium increases absent a new agreement.

    Under the TA, effective July 1, 2024, the District will cover 75% of medical benefit premium costs (including future premium increases) regardless of the plan chosen.

    The District shared data on the impact of this proposal which would reduce monthly employee out of pocket costs as follows (the range depends on the plan chosen):

    • $102 to $406 (employee only coverage)
    • $340 to $736 (employee plus one)
    • $371 to $937 (family)

    The above amounts are paid on a ten-month basis, so the annual savings to unit members are $1,020 to $4,060, $3,400 to $7,360 and $3,710 to $9,370.

    The estimated District cost of this proposal is $3,081,422 to cover only the SBTA bargaining unit.

    Reduced Class Sizes Placed Permanently In Contract

    For the last three years, the District and SBTA have agreed to a year-to-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) calling for reduced class sizes below the maximums in the negotiated agreement. SBTA accepted SBUSD’s 11/28/2023 proposal to include reduced class sizes permanently in the negotiated agreement.

    The reduced class sizes will be an additional $6.3M ongoing cost out of the regular budget because they were formerly paid for out of expiring one-time funds.

    New SBTA Salary Proposal: 15% Increase for 2024-2025 and 8% Increase for 2025-2056
    SBTA initially proposed a 20% salary increase for the 2024-2025 school year. SBTA’s new offer is for a 23% increase over two years – 15% in 2024-2025 and 8% in 2025-2026. SBTA stated that the current District reserve is 17% and can be reduced to the Board Policy of a minimum 10% reserve in furtherance of funding a salary increase.

    District Presents Financial Information Showing Impact of SBTA Proposal
    SBUSD presented SBTA with multiyear budget projects (MYPs) showing the impact of SBTA’s salary proposal as applied only to SBTA and as applied to all employees (the District assumes it will give the same raise to all employees). SBUSD also provided an MYP showing the impact of the District’s last salary proposal (8% increase in 2024-2025 and 4% increase in 2025-2026, as summarized below:

    ProposalProjected 2025-2026 District Reserve
    SBTA 12/12/2023 Proposal 15% 2023-25;
    8% 2024-25 for SBTA only:
    SBTA 12/12/2023 Proposal 15% 2023-25;
    8% 2024-25 for all employees:
    SBUSD 11/28/2023 Proposal
    for all employees:

    *Assumptions for these calculations:

    • Class Size reduction continues $6,310,255
    • Increased Health Insurance contribution: $3,502,410
    • Projected reductions: 20% in services/contracts and 15% in supplies, effective 2024-2025.
    • Elimination of all one-time funded positions
    • Significant cuts in areas including management, classified and certificated positions, contracted services, books and supplies, and travel and conferences

    Based on the above, the District asked SBTA how its proposal could be reconciled with its statement in support of maintaining a minimum 10% reserve. The District noted that even its own initial proposal of 11/28 would require going below the 10% reserve mark.

    New SBUSD Salary Counterproposal: 9% Increase for 2024-2025 and 4% increase for 2025-2026, Plus Increase Beginning Salary Step 1 by approximately 4% and add new Step 20 at 4%
    The District increased its 11/28 salary proposal (8% for 2024-2025 and 4% for 2025-2026) as follows:


    • 9% salary schedule increase effective 7/1/2024
    • Make dollar amount of step 1 across all columns of certificated salary schedules equal to the dollar amount of step 2, effective 7/1/2024 (approximately a 4% increase)
    • Add new step 20 at the bottom of certificated salary schedules across all columns in an amount 4% greater than step 19.


    • 4% salary schedule increase effective 7/1/2025

    All negotiations updates can be found here.

    Next Steps:

    The next negotiation sessions are scheduled January 11, and 19, 2024 and February 6, 2024.

    Dr. John Becchio, Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
    Kim Hernandez, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
    John Schettler, Executive Director, Student & Family Services
    Ann Peak, Director, Human Resources
    Dare Holdren, Principal, San Marcos
    Jennifer Foster, Principal, La Colina
    Kelly Fresch, Principal, Adams
    Gregory J. Dannis, Legal Counsel

    Santa Barbara Unified School District
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