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    Road, Harbor Conflict Told As Boulevard Nears

    By Chub Del Giglio, El Gaucho, April 25, 1956

    Proposed routes for the Clarence Ward Memorial Boulevard will be discussed at a public hearing tomorrow, April 26 [1956], at 10 a.m. in the Board of Supervisors room of the courthouse in Santa Barbara.

    Gov. Knight signed the Ward Memorial Boulevard Bill in July ’55, in memory of Santa Barbara State Senator, Clarence C. Ward, who served as president pro tempore of the Senate. The original object of the boulevard was to furnish a direct highway from Santa Barbara to the College, which would alleviate use of highway 101 by the students, and thereby contribute to their safety.

    One of the major problems involved in routing the boulevard arises from a conflict with plans for a Goleta yacht harbor. Mr. John Walser, secretary for the Goleta Harbor Association, informed us that the idea of the harbor has been developing during the past few years. Walser said the proposed harbor would transform the slough area immediately to the north of the college into a picturesque setting, thereby enhancing the landscape of the college and adding to the recreational facilities of the students.

    Because of conflicts in their planned locations, preliminary work on both projects has been stalled. The University Board of Regents favor the yacht harbor only if an eastern access road is permitted across the proposed harbor. Mr. Walser of the Harbor Association says this proposal of the Regents would necessitate construction of a high level bridge in order to facilitate passage of boats of any significant size into the harbor. The cost of this bridge, Walser declared, would be prohibitive and the Civil Aeronautics Administration would probably not sanction a bridge of the desired height, in as much as it would be located directly in the flight pattern of the airfield.

    The Regents, sources say, wish the access road (Memorial Boulevard) to go directly into Santa Barbara over the eastern route via Hope Ranch. Mr. Smith of the County Road Dept. said this would be economically unfeasible due to the high cost of Hope Ranch real estate and the objections of the landowners to the road. Other alternate routes have been planned, stated Smith, but for one reason or another, have been similarly turned down by the State. He said as of this time, there appears to be no plans for construction of Ward Boulevard directly into Santa Barbara. As an alternative to this direct route, the general consensus is that highway 101 will remain in use but overpasses and underpasses will be constructed at various sections of the highway permitting access to the college, with maximum safety.

    Mr. Walser of the Harbor Association claims that in as much as the proposed memorial road directly to Santa Barbara is almost certain to be abandoned, the eastern access route through their planned harbor to highway 101 would not noticeably serve to shorten distance or increase the safety margin for students. Sacrificing the harbor for a mediocre road, Walser said, would be foolhardy. “The only way all these problems can possibly be resolved,” said Mr. Walser, “is to complete an engineering survey of the proposed harbor area. The Goleta Harbor Assn. is now in the process of obtaining funds (approx. $10,000) for this purpose.” After this survey, the Association claims they will be in a better position to develop a practical solution to this controversy. At this time they have located the proposed Ward Road to the northwest of the college. A traffic circle would then divert traffic into the college through this multiple purpose entrance and exit.

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