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    Proposed I.V. – Goleta Bikeway Stalled by G.M. Property Rights

    By Abby Haight, Daily Nexus, February 1, 1972

    Plans to install a bikeway on much-traveled Los Carneros Road have reached a new impasse as General Motors, owners of land adjacent to Los Carneros, have refused to grant Santa Barbara Airport officials permission to move equipment presently blocking the bikeway path onto General Motors property.

    The problem centers around an electronic runway marker which pilots use to guide planes in for landings, and which presently is located in the Los Carneros right-of-way area. “To improve the Los Carneros roadway, we need to move the marker,” explained airport manager Robert Sheker.

    Present plans call for the bikeway to be built from El Colegio Road to the “middle marker” and for the rest of Los Carneros to be left as it is until the dispute with General Motors is settled. “We won’t do anything above minimum maintenance between the middle marker and Hollister,” declared Charles Wagner, County Assistant road commissioner.

    “If we could get a program with the city, the airport and Girsh,” Wagner continued, “we could finish the bikeway down to Hollister.”

    Girsh holds a lease from the airport for the land on the corner of Los Carneros and Hollister. “I’m in favor of a bikepath,” he said, adding that such a path would benefit business at his planned shopping center to be located in that area.

    However, the bikeway, if built, will be ten feet wide along most of Los Carneros, but only six feet wide on Girsh’s property. “It’s expensive,” he declared.

    Charis Bratt, a Goleta resident, noted the present “halfway” plans and said [the] bikeway would be useless if it only travels part of the way down Los Carneros. “You’re not going to stop the bicycles,” she averred. “The bicycles are already there.”

    Peter Chapman, UCSB campus planner, said the University and the county are ready to cooperate on the construction of the bikeway whenever all problems are ironed out, but said, “It could be several years” until funds and plans are ready for building to begin.

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