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    PoweredUp Goleta Solar + Battery Storage Program Available Now

    Qualified residents can install a solar + battery storage system with no upfront costs, helping to lower electricity bills and prepare for power outages

    Electriq Power Holdings, Inc. (“Electriq”) (NYSE:ELIQ), a trusted provider of intelligent energy storage and management solutions for homes and small businesses, in conjunction with the City of Goleta, California, is pleased to announce the PoweredUp Goleta program, which will facilitate access to residential solar + battery storage for Goleta homeowners. 

    PoweredUp Goleta is a city-vetted program that allows homeowners to have a turnkey solar + battery storage system installed in their home. The program provides everything needed for energy independence, including solar panels, batteries, software, project management, financing, installation and grid services at zero up-front costs. There are no income, credit score or property lien requirements to participate. 

    “Five years ago we developed a roadmap to transition the City’s energy supply to be fully renewable by the year 2030,” said Dana Murray, Sustainability Manager for the City of Goleta. “The PoweredUp Goleta program partnership has been approved by our City Council and can significantly help us meet our City’s 100% renewable goal, while improving the reliability and resiliency of our local energy grid.”

    By installing a complete solar + battery storage system through PoweredUp Goleta, residents can lower their electric bills, be prepared for power outages and reduce their carbon footprint, creating a healthier and safer environment. Solar panels allow homeowners to power their homes using clean energy from the sun. When coupled with a battery storage system, excess energy can be stored and used to power the home when utility costs are high to save money, or during a utility power outage to ensure families stay safe and comfortable.  

    “Through our PoweredUp Networks, Electriq is ensuring that all homeowners, regardless of income status, can access clean, reliable energy,” said Frank Magnotti, CEO of Electriq. “While solar + battery storage continues to grow in popularity, it can be prohibitively expensive for low-to-moderate income households. That’s why our PoweredUp program has become popular with municipalities and community organizations across the U.S. We remove financial barriers to residential solar + battery storage, which helps communities like Goleta become more energy resilient and meet their sustainability goals.”

    To learn more about the PoweredUp Goleta program, Goleta residents are invited to join a virtual Lunch ‘N Learn event, hosted by the City and the PoweredUp Network. The interactive session will provide useful information on the program, including how city residents can acquire a complete solar + storage system at no upfront cost.

    WHEN: Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 12 p.m.

    WHERE: Zoom Meeting

    RSVP: https://bit.ly/PoweredGoleta

    To learn more about PoweredUp Goleta, visit www.PoweredUpNetwork.com

    About Electriq Power
    Electriq (NYSE:ELIQ), founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley, provides turnkey intelligent energy storage and management solutions for homes and small businesses. Electriq’s solutions deliver always-available, low-cost clean energy, even during intermittent outages and inclement weather. Those solutions enable cities, municipalities, and utilities to provide their constituents with a path to sustainable and resilient sources of energy, regardless of socio-economic status.

    Press Release
    Press Release
    This is a press release sent to Goleta Voice for publication. Refer to the references in the article for more information.


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