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Plans Underway to Make College Inn Into ‘Old Folks Home’

By Daily Nexus, February 27, 1973

Isla Vista may see an infusion of new blood in the near future. Plans are now in the works to convert the College Inn, 6647 El Colegio Road, into a home for senior citizens.

Henry Gathagan, a representative for the Christian Homes Services of Des Moines, Iowa, spoke before the IVCC about a month ago to outline the project. Plans call for transforming the 400-bed inn into a rest home, possibly as soon as next fall quarter.

The inn is presently owned by the Prudential Life Insurance Company. According to Chris Attwood of the I.V. Planning Commission, the inn is presently suffering from a 43% vacancy factor. A spokesman for the inn blamed the empty units on the continuing decline of enrollment at UCSB. Officials feel they may have better luck with the senior citizens. Rents are expected to average from $75 to $100.

According to Attwood, the home may be run by a governing board. A member from the IVCC has been invited to sit on the board.

Most members of IVCC were pleased with the idea of having the elderly citizens become a part of the Isla Vista community. Said Attwood: “It certainly is a step towards making I.V. a more heterogenous community.”

The College Inn may turn into a haven of the elderly. (Melinda Finn/Daily Nexus photo)
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