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    Goleta Street Sweeping Schedule Rain Update

    Due to the recent rain, there is an update to the street sweeping schedule. Zone 8 and Zone 9 were not able to be swept this past Monday, November 7, these two Zones will instead be swept THIS Monday, November  14, 2022, as follows:

    • Zone 8: 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.; Area north of Calle Real from La Patera Ln. to Fairview Ave.; Cathedral Oaks Rd. from Glen Annie Rd. to Los Carneros Rd.; Hollister Ave. from Cathedral Oaks Rd. to Ellwood Pier
    • Zone 9: 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.; Area north of Highway 101 north of Calle Real and east of Fairview; Area South of Highway 101 north of Hollister Ave. from Fairview Ave to Highway 217

    View a map of the area here and below.

    Why would street sweeping be cancelled?

    Street sweeping is usually cancelled when runoff fills the gutters. Steady rain, not just showers, is needed to warrant cancellation. Please do not assume that any rain results in automatic cancellation; check our website and social media (@cityofgoleta) for updates before you park!

    Friendly Reminders!

    • Move Obstructions: To allow the street sweeper to more effectively clean your street, please move vehicles, trash cans, basketball hoops, mobile homes, large vans, boats, trailers, and other obstructions on your street sweeping days.
    • Know Your Zone and Schedule: Visit CityOfGoleta.org/StreetSweeping to find street sweeping schedules and zone maps.



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