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    Enrollment Seen ‘Very Close’ to Projected Average

    UCSB Administration Calls Attempts to Limit Enrollment Figures 'Successful'

    By Leslie Bregman, Daily Nexus, January 31, 1977

    UCSB’s winter quarter enrollment is 95 students short of the 14,145 projected by the Office of Planning Analysis and Budget, according to figures released last week by the Chancellor’s office.

    Combined with the fall quarter enrollment of 14,691 and the projected 13,445 spring quarter enrollment figure, the 1976-1977 three quarter average enrollment will be “very close to the projected 14,094,” states Chancellor Vernon Cheadle’s UCSB Bulletin.

    The administration feels its “attempts to limit annual enrollment over the 1975-1976 average have been successful.”

    “A comparison between winter quarter of 1976 and the current enrollment indicates a decline of 128 students this year,” adds Betsy Watson, Public Information Representative.

    Enrollment was limited by imposing early cut-off dates for admission applications. The deadline for winter quarter applications was September 27, 1976 and November 15, 1976 for the spring.

    IVCC member Dave Stafford calls this method of enrollment limitation “a token step, but a step in the right direction.” He added, “I still don’t feel there is enough community input on enrollment levels, but I’m glad that there is enough community pressure to make enrollment a public issue.”

    Applications for next fall are coming in 15 percent ahead of last year at this date. “People may have gotten in tune with the early cut off dates,” said Watson, “therefore, the cut-off date for next fall may be set in early March for freshmen, and mid-March for advanced standing students.”

    Administrative Analyst Rick Woelk commented that “UCSB will not let the enrollment level increase past a maximum three quarter average headcount of 14,300, as included in the University’s Long Range Development Plan.” Even this number will not be reached, however, unless the current UCSB Housing Study determines that adequate housing is available for students.

    A big problem in making enrollment projections is redirection, according to Woelk. “The UC System has an obligation to the state to accept all eligible students, and if enrollment is closed at one campus, the student is redirected to another,” explained Woelk.

    Redirections occur about the same time every year. UCSB has already gotten some applications from Davis and Berkeley. UCLA has announced that it will be redirecting approximately 1,850 students this year. If these students want to transfer after one quarter, they have first priority over other incoming students in the UC System, and, according to Woelk, “create a negative attitude towards our campus.”

    He added, “The student doesn’t really want to be at UCSB, so he applies for an inter-campus transfer the next quarter and this makes enrollment projections more difficult.”

    SINGLE FILE The number of students filing Reg Packets for winter quarter was 95 short of the 14,145 projected, according to figures recently released by the Chancellor’s office. (Matt Pfeffer/Daily Nexus photo)
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