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    City Meetings week of September 5

    The Goleta City Council will hold its regular meeting on September 6, 2022, at 5:30 PM.

    Items on the agenda include:

    • City Council will proclaim September as National Preparedness Month in Goleta. National Preparedness Month is held every September and its purpose is to encourage everyone to be prepared for emergencies. This month is a good reminder to take simple steps to prepare for emergencies, including creating an emergency supply kit, putting together a family disaster plan and being informed about the types of incidents that can occur in our community. Read the proclamation here: https://tinyurl.com/ysnb7t5b.
    • Council will receive a presentation and provide input on a project to refresh and update the City of Goleta website. Due to rapidly changing technology, municipal websites typically need to be updated every five years or so. The City’s website was last updated in May 2015, so is overdue for a refresh. Using a credit with our current website vendor, Granicus, City staff began working on a refresh to improve the website. Staff presented the development website to the Public Engagement Commission (PEC) at its June 15, 2022, meeting and received input. Community members were also invited to take a survey to provide their input. The staff report, including PEC input and survey results, can be viewed here: https://tinyurl.com/yeyyt7bm.
    • City Council will receive an update on the City’s Pavement Management Program and consider a Professional Design Services Agreement with Pavement Engineering, Inc. (PEI). The City owns and maintains approximately 85 centerline miles of roadways. The City of Goleta’s paved roadway surface, typically asphalt concrete, has a replacement value of $288 million, making just the pavement itself the most valuable asset the City owns. To maintain this asset, the City uses a Pavement Management Program (PMP). The PMP consists of tracking the condition of the pavement and based on the condition, developing periodic pavement maintenance activities and projects. Pavement maintenance ranges from pothole repair and crack sealing, slurry seals, overlays and reconstructions. On August 16, 2022, City Council authorized award of construction for the 2022-2023 Pavement Rehabilitation Project. Public Works staff is proposing an agreement with PEI that includes the design of the next three fiscal years of Pavement Rehabilitation Projects (FY2023, FY2024, and FY2025) and the development of the next three-year street section priority list. The design of these projects will be completed one at a time, immediately following each other. Read the staff report here: https://tinyurl.com/ztja2kck.

    For the complete September 6, 2022, City Council agenda, go to: https://tinyurl.com/yckjvn8j.

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