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    Chancellor Introduces UCSB Master Plan

    By El Gaucho Newspaper, December 11, 1963

    Future plans are fast becoming the structures of the present, as the Santa Barbara campus blossoms under the radiant impetus of the Master Plan.

    Unveiled this week by Chancellor Vernon Cheadle, the plan includes tall, imposing residence halls, three landscaped quadrangles, a stadium, and futuristic parking structures.

    Additional married student apartments, residence halls, and intercollegiate athletic fields will eventually grace the 200 acres of University-owned land immediately north of El Colegio Road.

    A stadium, sorority and fraternity houses, and parking facilities are also planned for the area.

    Chancellor Vernon Cheadle unveiled the master plan to faculty members this week, and will present it to UCSB Affiliates on Sunday.

    The plan shows a scientific research complex next to the athletic area.

    Ultimate development of the campus will also include seven residence towers, designed and operated similarly to eight-story San Miguel Hall. Intramural facilities will be provided near each residence complex for use by resident scholars.

    An academic core in the center of the campus will boast buildings over three stories high. One of these will be an eight-story addition to the University Library, with room for one million volumes.

    Two of the three major quadrangle areas border the library. A third quadrangle will be centered between the Arts Building, Music Building, Speech and Drama Building, University Center, and proposed museum and auditorium.

    As part of the program to expand campus recreational facilities, the plan projects a development of Campus Beach and the 60-acre lagoon. Part of the area will be used as a botanical and wildlife preserve.

    According to Chancellor Vernon Cheadle, no estimate has been made as to when the plan will be completed, or of its eventual cost. Several buildings, notably the residence halls, will ultimately pay for themselves.

    Students, administrators, and faculty alike express understandable enthusiasm about the Master Plan, and the future of UCSB.

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