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    $216,000 Budgeted For Lagoon Project

    By Dot Bradbury, El Gaucho, December 15, 1959

    “Students should realize the educational values of the lagoon program,” stated Chancellor Gould in an El Gaucho interview held last Tuesday. He feels that money devoted to the lagoon is well spent.

    Architect Bob Floyd disclosed the final plans for the lagoon Friday. The budget is as follows:

    $35,000 for planting ten acres of native trees for botany study.

    $75,000 for a shelf around the lagoon and for a firebreak around the island.

    $3,000 for a decomposed gravel walkway and service road around the area.

    $75,000 for a seawater pump for Marine Biology.

    $28,000 for the irrigation system.

    Wildlife Reserve

    The total for the whole project for the improvement and beautification of the lagoon and the creation of a wildlife reserve is $216,000.

    Total acreage covered by the program will be the 20 for the lagoon itself and 16 covered with plantings.

    By cutting off the southeastern portion of the water and installing a seawater pump and irrigation system, a wildlife reserve will be created that should enable the student of marine biology to collect and keep his specimens, and conduct his studies on the campus.

    New Shelf

    The pump would put water into the lab and then out into the lagoon and, with the new shelf, in a short time the level would rise to six feet.

    In the future the designers feel that the lagoon, which will have two residence halls and a dining commons facing it, will be a good place for recreation, such as boating and swimming and a good site for walks and picnics.

    Money Well Spent

    The chancellor feels that the money is being well spent and that “we have adequate classroom facilities and new buildings in the plans that will be built when necessary.”

    He also stated that a new lecture hall is being constructed to take some of the load off the auditorium and that the money could not be used to construct a new one. The cost of a new auditorium would be $2,000,000.

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