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    Goleta Valley Days Festival 1990 Chairman’s Message

    It’s interesting to read the Chairman’s Message in the Goleta Valley Days Festival & Parade 1990 Official Program. It appears that Goleta Valley Days was the precursor to what is now known as the Goleta Lemon Festival.

    The GOLETA VALLEY DAYS FESTIVAL has long been known as a time to highlight this beautiful, diversified area we call the Goleta Valley. Originally the festival in 1971 was a showcase for the Research and Development Companies and was called, appropriately, R & D Month. Over the years, Goleta has been recognized as the Lemon and Avocado Capital of the United States, an indication of the importance of agriculture to this Valley.

    The Festival Committee, while being closely related to and supported by the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce, is an independent, non-profit, volunteer organization that enlists the help of many people throughout the Community. The Parade, and special events are made possible only by Community involvement and donations. From historical landmark buildings to our Airport facilities and Community Faire, the October agenda is complete with events centered around Goleta’s past with a look to the future.

    Goleta is a Community of Research and Development Companies, Lemon and Avocado orchards, Monarch Butterflies, and countless natural resources and beauty. Join us in celebrating this “Good Land.” Join us for Goleta Valley Days Festival 1990!

    Randy Rosness
    Chairman – Goleta Valley Days Festival

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